Son of a bitch, the fear of death! How to overcome?

Summary of the poem: Fear of death is the poem that depicts the theme of death in a very subtle way. Check the reflection in the poem “SON OF A BITCH, THE FEAR OF DEATH.”


Part 1. Fear of death.

Son of a bitch, the fear of death.

I’m walking so aimlessly,

I’m with so scared,

Because of the fear of death.

Fear of this kind exhaust the mind,

Even from whom be strong.

Fear of death

Exhaustion that I don´t know when it come.

If had been just instincto,

All would be well.

But the fear of death sometimes overcomes the instinct.

Vulnerability that leaves the being of my being scared,

Same I seeing the sun in the dawn.

Pleasure that, throughout the day, it will not go away.

Despite the haunt the fear of death,

What more I want, after all, is to live.

To live and to live with the help of rivoltril.

Anxiolytic that I consumption to reassure me.

This can not be just instinct!

Fear of death is a complex maze.

But the what will be the death so afraid ?

An invisible being that cannot it see.

Existence is not questioned.

Life offers dreams,

But the death jokes in destroy them.

Well I know I not know.

Death is an commodity.

Just a commodity,

Rejected by a hundred.

But when generates revenue,

Who applauds this tremendous daughter of a bitch?

But what is death?

I know what I know.

Best answer comes from the mouse,

That it become a kind of toy.

Object that turns into food.

The prey knows who the predator.

The body trembles.

The body feels chills.

The prey paralyzed.

The mouse knows because it knows.

The instinct of fear.

But there are those who nothing know.

Part 1. Fear of death. And now?

But death is much bigger than a cat.

It’s of the size of the universe.

To kill uses any artifact,

Even the cat itself.

Death loves life in anonymity,

But also loves to use any artifact.

If the death is of the size of the universe,

I wanted to be a multiverse.

So I would be greater than death.

Dont would have afraid,

Nor would have snaps in the neck.

Walking on this street that was suddenly so lonely,

What I want most is to live.

Son of a bitch, the fear of death.

Although it seems greatest that the universe,

It takes the form of any object.

Like that rivoltril,

Stored in the closet .

If I get rid of anxiolytic,

And if I get,

Maybe I’ll stop being so rickety.

I would become greater than the fear of death?

It hardly matters.

Not living a haunted life,

I wil be greater than the fear of death.

Son of a bich, fear of death. How to overcome? Poem Bomani Flávio.

Brasilia, Brazil, on August 9, 2018.

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